Art & Projects by Walter van Rijn

Of Fig Untitled No In To Title I Portrait With Series Concetto Self Joy (2014) Walter van Rijn documents Walter van Rijn’s art as part of a research project Dispersion as Artists’ Strategy. Each project creates a new situation where specific questions about the dispersion of instances of art are tested. Go to gallery2 for images of the separate projects.

Z (Last) Project

A final work that is based on the archives from the John Hansard Gallery and the Pallant House Gallery.

TITLE (date)

A group of projects which use the letter substitution tools created in Sym6 to investigate its effects. These projects exploit the smallest textual grain, the glyph, to work with art archives, and create its own archive.

Symbiote 6 : glyph/word hybrid

In this version the symbiotic life form adapts and embeds itself into texts and textual elements or glyphs. The font and/or substituted glyphs become the affected space and means of dispersion.

Symbiote 5 @ The Rag Factory London & online >>>>>

An exhibition alongside ‘Feint’. Symbiote 5 appropriates, adapts, changes, eats away the art shown at this gallery. It uses archival material found on YouTube and Flickr and materialises different versions alongside the existing exhibition across various media: onsite, online, in print, on screen.

Symbiote 4 @ The Winchester Gallery  >>>>>

An exhibition alongside another exhibition in 2011. This work displays the exhibition events that took place at the Winchester Gallery, but within a different temporal and spacial sequence. It re-uses historic installation photographs from which all artobjects appear to have been eaten away. The pictures are presented as a gallery guide to the current exhibition. All pictures in this project are based on photographs of actual exhibitions at this gallery. Archive images courtesy of the Winchester Gallery.